Do you have to be a millionaire to build a custom home?

HGTV, whether its rebuilding an old home or starting from scratch, focuses on customizing all the rooms of your home, specific to your family. Although you may daydream about having a home like the ones you see on TV, you might have asked how anyone could afford these beauties. The good news is that you don’t have to be rich to build a custom home.

The path to a unique and affordable custom home requires careful planning and opting for affordable, yet high-quality, materials in place of other, more expensive materials. Here’s how:

Where is the inspo coming from?

When a client sends me Houzz, Pintrest photo or screen grab of the ever so popular HGTV show, Fixer Upper of what they dream of in their master bath or open kitchen with a massive island, I have to ask specificly, what do you like about it? Is it the colors? Materials? Textures? Furniture?

A lot of times, photos with major photo enhancements, covered in furniture hides what truly makes a home custom and unique. We remind cost conscious clients that we are not building the fancy decor you see on TV, but the bones of the home, helps them understand that it is still possible to replicate a similar look with value engineering techniques.

Bang for your Buck!

Integra is always on the front line of building technology, and there are plenty of new materials you can choose for your custom home that won’t break the bank.

A more simple geometric shape for the design of the home helps reduce exterior finishes, multiple angles, cuts and waste.

For example, from a building stand point, a two-story home requires less slab and less roof than a one-story home, making it less expensive.

As of late, photos of massive bathrooms and kitchens, mystify clients into thinking they must have the same. Something to keep in mind; every square foot of space adds to your homes bottom line — think practically about the space and how it will be used, don’t just add square footage to make it bigger! Tall ceilings, windows, open space and light finishes help make any space feel more spacious.

What are your alternatives?

Often times, building a custom home comes out of necessity when our clients outgrow their existing homes or cant find a resale that fits the bill. The DIY home improvement era is upon us, and while our friends at Good Bones, may make it look easy, without a professional on hand, renovating an existing home can get expensive, fast — not to mention how hard it can be and time consuming!

Integra offers around the clock project monitoring and available 24/7 to answer questions about whats going on, and whats next. We take the headache out of building a custom home. For more information on designing and building a custom home with Integra Builders, Shoot us a message!