Change Orders!

Whether you are in construction, tech or retail… change orders always seem to be a touchy subject. There are two schools of thought; plan it all out ahead of time and hope for $0 change orders, or plan for a percentage of cost in of change orders and enjoy!

Without a doubt throughout the construction process, you will ask us to make a change, largely why you chose to build a custom home, so you can get it exactly how you want it! A change could be as simple as moving a light fixture 3ft to the left or as drastic as adding a bonus room above the garage instead of attic space. The latter of the two can cause a ripple effect in schedule and cost.

When you ask us to make a change, we’ll draft and submit a change order form that details your request, how it differs in price and how it may effect the build schedule. We only execute on a change order once you have reviewed and approved the change. No surprises, no unapproved changes. We’ll then handle it from there!

While your home is being built, we’ll provide regular summaries of change orders, listing accepted, rejected and outstanding change orders, as well as their effect on the total price, market value and comps.

Don’t forget, one of the most important elements of building a custom home is COMMUNICATION! Often times, with enough regular communication changes can be made for little or no cost!