2020 Residential Building Trends

We are nearing the end of Q1 2020 and the styles of the year have made themselves known!

Mixture of Materials

While paint can always create a unique feel in a room… 2020 is the year of the textures. Mixing natural woods with metal, or painted cabinets with unpainted cabinets. In kitchens, with an island use a concrete top or butcher block instead of granite or quartz as the wall cabinets. Around fireplaces, use of stone and wood give a rustic warm vibe. In the entryway, use of tile and hardwood create unique floor designs.

Sun Rooms

Sun rooms have taken on a lot of different roles lately.  Traditionally, sun rooms have been treated as an escape from the high-tech living rooms with a focus on leisure. The newest trends look at using that well-lit space as a dining room and convertible patios. Most people in Indiana probably consider the sun room as a waste of a room due to our harsh winters, but when properly planned, the room can be used comfortably year-round.

The Kitchen is the heart of the Home

Scoot over great room, the kitchen is the place to hang. The days of isolated back-burner kitchens are over as large smart kitchens are becoming the norm. Home chefs have gone from isolated, to the center of attention in entertainment focused homes. The large kitchen design brings everyone around the stove and not the TV. That’s not to say televisions aren’t still an integral part of new kitchens too…

Outdoor Living

What once was a simple outdoor fireplace has morphed into a need for full outdoor living spaces. Families want to get the full use out of every square inch of their property and creating outdoor living spaces is how they are doing it.  Homeowners are now designing their back yards with family and friends in mind. Full kitchens, bars and dining areas!

Green Building

Home builders are focusing more of their home design around energy efficiency and sustainability. Of course, many green building techniques circle around common-sense practices like proper insulation and ensuring there are no gaps between windows and walls letting air in. Some of the more advanced design techniques include building out renewable energy sources like solar panels and windmills and using geothermal heat.

Walk in Showers

Walk-in showers aren’t a new concept, but they’re getting a lot of attention from designers who are looking to modernize homes. Many of the walk-in showers found in new homes feature his and hers shower heads. You can even find large walk in showers with no doors at all.

Natural lighting and massive overhead shower heads have been two of the top trends for bathroom designs in new homes over the past couple years and it doesn’t seem to be stopping. Like the kitchen, the bathroom is a central focus for homeowners.

Reclaimed Building Materials

The use of reclaimed wood, metals, counters or tile as flooring, siding or accents on homes gives your home a rustic, lived-in feel to it that is hard to replicate. Reclaimed materials from deconstructed barns, old homes or even old commercial spaces not only gives your home a great aesthetic, but helps the environment as well.

Open Floor Plans

Also not a new concept, but homeowners are making the most of their space by incorporating large, flowing floor plans into their home designs. Where once there were separate rooms for the dining room, living room and home library, open floor plans seemingly pull multiple rooms to each bringing a greater sense of togetherness.