5 Ways to Integrate Custom Charging Stations In Your New Build

5 charging station idead for your new build

The Problem

If you’re like many other American families, you’re looking for a solution to a very big problem. If you have a collection of electronic devices, you most likely know what this means.  Jumbled messes of random cords, lost charging boxes and the lack of having a “home” for all of your devices is a common problem. Cell phones, tablets, smart watches, headphones and power banks are all a part of our daily lives. To solve this problem, let’s ask this question. What is the best way to organize and charge these devices so they’re always easy to find and ready to use? Outlined below are a few solutions to equip your home with custom charging stations to fit your needs. 

The Solutions

Ideas for Custom Charging Stations for Your Home

  1. Kitchen command center drawer hub
  2. Individual outlets with USB ports in mudroom cubbies or lockers
  3. Built in shelf with hidden outlets in the master bedroom closet (great for you parents who store devices for their kids at night)
  4. Integrate charging outlets into built in shelving in family room or office
  5. Floor outlets in common areas with USB ports

Kitchen Command Center 

Let’s start with #1 on our list – building in a charging station in your kitchen command center drawer. Busy families all have one thing in common. The kitchen is the gathering place in your home. Creating a charging station built right into your kitchen is a great central location for all your devices be homed. Unplug for family dinner by sticking your devices in the drawer to get a full charge for the rest of the evening. At the same time, take advantage of that desired uninterrupted time as a family. Added bonus – those cords are all tucked away and out of view!

Charge your devices in a custom charging station drawer

Install Outlets in Your Mudroom Cubby or Locker

Ensuring every device has a “home” also ensures that your kids know exactly where their devices go. Installing a USB port right into a cubby or locker gives each member of the family a home for their devices. By including outlets with USB ports included, you won’t need to keep track of all the charging boxes either. All you need is the cord!

Picture this. If you have a locker for each family member, try a cubby on top for clothing accessories, a long section to hang backpacks and coats and a cubby on the bottom with an outlet or two. Then there’s a place to charge devices and a cubby built right in for storage. There are many outlet configurations to choose from so you can customize your outlets based on your charging needs.

custom charging station outlet

Built In Charging Shelf in Master Bedroom Closet

If you’re wanting your charging station out of sight, think about installing a charging station into your master bedroom closet. With variations of custom shelving already going into the space, you can choose a shelf that will work for your devices too. In addition to the shelf, you can add in dividers for each device to make sure each has its own space. Setting up your charging station in your closet is a great idea if your kids turn in their devices for the night. Everyone knows where their device is the next day and it has a full charge.

build in a custom charging station in your walk in closet

Charging Station In Your Built In Family Room or Office Shelving

If you’d like your devices in more common area of the homes, consider installing a charging station directly into your built in shelving units. For example, this could be on a shelf or in a drawer of your family room built ins. Storing them on the shelf is an easy way to see what devices are being used. In contrast, hiding them away in a cabinet or drawer ensures the cords are out of sight.

built ins are a great place for a designed charging station

Install USB Port Outlets Directly Into Your Floor

Installing outlets into your floor has a couple benefits. First, this allows for better furniture configurations while still utilizing outlets for lamps or electronic devices. Second, having a charging outlet is great for sitting on your couch and working on your laptop without the need to string a cord across the room. While this may not be where your devices are homed, it’s a great way to ensure you can use your devices wherever and whenever you need to in your new home.

Customizing Your Outlets

Many of these suggestions can be customized to fit your exact device needs. There are so many great products on the market that we can integrate into your home. These products can make your life easier. One of our favorites companies to work with is Docking Drawer. Utilizing their extensive selection of outlets and built in stations is a great way to customize your home and ensure you have all the outlets you may need for your devices.

How We Can Help You

Every family has different needs. Above all, we want to ensure your needs are being met. Part of our building and design process is meeting with you regularly to ensure we’re building a home that functions seamlessly for your family. Creating a place for the devices you use every day is just one way we can do that.

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