5 Laundry Room Trends for 2021

The Laundry Room: a place of routine, doesn’t have to be a room of despair. In fact, now more than ever, laundry rooms are being strategically design to maximize efficiency and dare we say, create an enjoyable chores experience?

With these trends, it might even become your favorite room.


Colored Laundry Machines

We’ve all had the white washer and dryer duo. It’s classic and timeless! Red, charcoal, blue and even green washer/dryers have been popping up more and more in laundry rooms, and with the right balance of neutral flooring and cabinetry, it can be an exciting pop!


Doggie Baths!

Bath time can be a struggle for our petes and us! It’s certainly logical: the laundry room is where things go to get clean, so why not have it also be the place for beloved furry friends to wash off post-playtime (our children sometimes too)? After bath time, dirty towels can be thrown directly into the wash so cleanup is a breeze!


Farmhouse Sinks

We have mixed emotions about this. We’ve seen farmhouse sink for the kitchen, but for the laundry room? While the Kitchen farmhouse sink has proven to be popular, we have seen many executed in a Laundry Room, while cute, are so NOT utility, which is the whole point of this room isnt it!? Designed with functionality in mind, it can go a long way to adding a timeless aesthetic and maximum function.


2nd Floor Laundry Room

Not new, nor do we think its a trend, but as we find home designs to continue to focus on ease of use and convenience, it makes alot of sense to have a 2nd Laundry Room/Closet or your primary on the 2nd floor near were all the bedrooms are!


Return of the Mud Room…

This, we will touch on next time!