7 Must Have Features in your Custom Home for 2017

Everyone dreams of owning a beautifully updated custom home with all the creature comforts a person could ask for and more. These are the homes that fall in the luxury category. They aren’t necessarily mansions, but they do offer owners and their families the ultimate living experience.

Below are seven things people will expect to find when they visit.

Home Security System

When you own a luxury home it suggests that you have a lot of nice things that could attract unwanted attention. High-end houses and neighborhoods are often prime targets for burglars that are looking for a big score. That’s why most people consider home security measures to be an essential part of any luxury home.

Luxury homeowners are willing to pay top dollar to protect their valuable assets and keep their family safe from intruders, break-ins and fires. Leading home security providers like ADT are going well beyond a simple alarm system. New monitored systems provide a direct, 24/7 link to security professionals at the system provider’s hub. This can reduce false alarms and speed up the process of alerting local authorities in the event there is a fire, flooding or break-in.

Smart Home Features

In the eyes of many people, a modern luxury home has to have cutting-edge smart tech features. It’s become such a hot selling point in real estate that Coldwell Banker recently teamed up with tech giant CNET to define what a smart home is for buyers. A “smart” home is one that’s outfitted with network-connected systems, appliances and equipment that can be controlled remotely and automated.

The technology is getting so good, soon there will be few aspects of a home that can’t be enhanced with smart tech features. Some of the top smart tech features in luxury homes include:

  • Smart home security system that can be monitored via an app.
  • Internet-connected security cameras you can view online.
  • Lights that can be set on a timer or respond to activity in a room.
  • Motion sensor lighting.
  • Curtains that close and open at sunset or sunrise.
  • Appliances that can tell you when a problem is detected.
  • Smart thermostats that learn your temperature preferences and adjust automatically.

There’s a definite cool factor but the convenience of smart home features is what really makes them a must for luxury living.

Spa Quality Bathrooms

The bathroom undoubtedly serves a utilitarian purpose, but most people also consider a place where you can relax after a long day. The bathrooms in luxury homes are right on par with professional spas. They not only have a separate shower and tub, but also steam rooms, saunas and touch screen mirrors that double as a TV.

Chef’s Kitchen

If the heart of the home is the kitchen, then luxury homes have a very strong pulse. Many luxury homebuyers won’t even take the time to tour a house if it doesn’t have a chef’s kitchen.

A chef’s kitchen is about more than top of the line appliances, although those are a must. It’s a spacious kitchen with a lay-out that makes cooking culinary creations easier, even if there’s more than one cook. There are also extras you won’t see in an ordinary kitchen, like double ovens and heating drawers to keep food warm. A chef’s kitchen also features a large island with its own sink and prep space.

Architectural Extras

The amount of customization and detail that goes into a luxury home is nothing short of amazing. The craftsmanship is a large part of the high price tag. Builders will incorporate architectural features such as art nooks, rounded corners, crown molding and archways.

Huge Walk-in Closets

In any type of home closet space is a high priority. But when you live in a luxury home storage space usually isn’t an issue since they have huge walk-in closets. It’s not uncommon to see customized closets in the master that are so large they could be a small bedroom.

Spectacular Outdoor Living Space

The opulence doesn’t end at the threshold of a luxury home. Luxury homeowners put just as much thought and money into their outdoor living space as they do indoors.

During nice weather homeowners and their guests can relax outdoors next to the gas-powered fire pit or soak up the sun by an infinity edge swimming pool. Of course, no luxury home is complete without a fully equipped outdoor kitchen and entertainment space where you can watch sporting events or movies.

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