Integra’s Design & Build Process

We lay out the entire project from start to finish, so you know what to expect and when to expect it.


The First Meeting - building a great relationship first! The First Meeting - building a great relationship first!
We can meet at our office, your current home, a potential home site or even Starbucks. Here we will get an idea for the vibe of the home and general layout of the rooms. Tell us your vision of the home and must have features we will be sure to include. We can even visit any of our homes that are currently under construction to give you an inside scoop on the process.

Land Acquisition Land Acquisition
Integra can help locate and close on a site that fits all your needs, or build on a lot you already own. During this time we will use the topography of the lot and the home concepts you have in mind to design the perfect floorplan.

Schematic Design & Budget - we want to know everything! Schematic Design & Budget - we want to know everything!
The design stage can start from an existing plan, photos, social media, a home you’ve driven past or completely fresh. We will ask tons of questions to understand what’s important to you — from daily lifestyle to dream home details! Once we have an idea of the type of home and the lot, we define general specifications and budget. With the budget range established, it is a good time to check on financing.

Final Design Final Design
Our design build process involves our engineers, architects and designers to create a fully customized set of plans. While not all builds require it, we are also able to offer rendering and 3D architecture tools, to help visualize and define the smallest of details before even breaking ground.  Once we have created the final design, you will receive a full set of plans and specifications for your new home.

Contract & Pre-Construction Contract & Pre-Construction
Once the design and specifications are finalized, we can finalize the contract price and coordinate the financing process. We will give you a guaranteed price so there are no worries about cost over runs or going over budget. Then we are off to HOA approvals and permitting!

Selections - the best in the biz on our side! Selections - the best in the biz on our side!
We know that while exciting and fun, the selection process can be overwhelming, but you are never alone during this process. We have a small design studio at our office with limited selections, but we have strong relationships with all our vendors and their beautiful showrooms who are happy to assist through the selection process. We can define all selections like cabinets, lighting, flooring & dazzling color palettes before construction starts, or our A+ team will put together a selection schedule that outlines when certain selections are due to make them during the build.

Construction Construction
We will provide you with a preliminary schedule outlining when and how long each phase of construction will take. Integra exceeds the quality requirements of the Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis (BAGI), Indiana Builders Association (IBA), and National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Throughout the construction process, we perform quality checks at all phases of construction. As we progress through the schedule, we will meet regularly to keep you up to date on progress and answer any questions you have during the build.

Completion & Warranty Completion & Warranty
Construction is complete and it’s time to move in, we will do a walk thru with you to explain all the features and functions included throughout. After you have settled in, you’ll be comfortable to know that our family has been building homes for over 30 years, its in our blood! We will stand by you through thick and thin, any time you need help with your home and beyond…throughout this process we become like family!




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