Home Efficiency 101

Home efficiency is one of those things you may think has been done already — building code improvements surely must’ve accounted for what we’ve known about home energy use for decades now, right? And all the technology has been integrated, right? Not so fast, my friend. There is so much work to be done. Home efficiency is one of those things that has few barriers to market implementation. First, unlike solar and battery systems, there is generally no permit required for home efficiency work. Second, the cost per kWh is absurdly low, meaning payback periods are very short. Third, unlike the […]

How long does it take to build a Custom Home?

Usually larger and more complex than a production home, according to the latest available U.S. Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction, the average time it took to take a new home from authorization to completion in 2019 was 7.6 months for a spec home and 10.1 months for a contractor-built home. Those figures, however, consider only construction time. It’s more than the actual construction process that is involved in building the custom home of your dreams! With production homes, potential home sites have been pre-selected and likely already improved, the house has been designed and modeled, and all the products and […]

Change Orders!

Whether you are in construction, tech or retail… change orders always seem to be a touchy subject. There are two schools of thought; plan it all out ahead of time and hope for $0 change orders, or plan for a percentage of cost in of change orders and enjoy! Without a doubt throughout the construction process, you will ask us to make a change, largely why you chose to build a custom home, so you can get it exactly how you want it! A change could be as simple as moving a light fixture 3ft to the left or as […]

Do you have to be a millionaire to build a custom home?

HGTV, whether its rebuilding an old home or starting from scratch, focuses on customizing all the rooms of your home, specific to your family. Although you may daydream about having a home like the ones you see on TV, you might have asked how anyone could afford these beauties. The good news is that you don’t have to be rich to build a custom home. The path to a unique and affordable custom home requires careful planning and opting for affordable, yet high-quality, materials in place of other, more expensive materials. Here’s how: Where is the inspo coming from? When […]

2020 Residential Building Trends

We are nearing the end of Q1 2020 and the styles of the year have made themselves known! Mixture of Materials While paint can always create a unique feel in a room… 2020 is the year of the textures. Mixing natural woods with metal, or painted cabinets with unpainted cabinets. In kitchens, with an island use a concrete top or butcher block instead of granite or quartz as the wall cabinets. Around fireplaces, use of stone and wood give a rustic warm vibe. In the entryway, use of tile and hardwood create unique floor designs. Sun Rooms Sun rooms have […]